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Want something new? Need to keep your friends and FC guessing? An opportunity to impress is coming up? Pay us a visit - It will be worth it!

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  • Cats

Endless Partners

Winter Queen 2023: Fleim Awwu

We are thankful for all our amazing partners who joined "Cats" to host their own Boutique Floor with their own Glams!
This season we highlight Fleim Awwu and her frosty cloths to keep you warm. But don't take our word for it - See it for yourself!

Our amazing Boutique Floor Hosts:

  • Wind-up Light

  • Soujin Totsuya

  • Coffy Sunscream

  • Harcot Valesti

  • Fleim Awwu

Our Commissions

Want "Cats" to dress YOU up?

We create personalized glams that suit you and your dreams!Your next Look is waiting for you ♥

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Fine Dining and Snacking

The "Cats" Bistro has plenty of seats for you!
Our Proprietress & Waitress Luhri Melirah creates a relaxing atmosphere where you can joyfully spend some time ♥
Now Available: Luhri's Special & Sol's Special ♥

Housing Artists

Want to live in your dream?

We also create amazing Estate Designs ♥
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